The Journey Of A Novice

I hate Ignorant, Un-Educated, UnIntelligent “Black” Americans. Like seriously. I Hate when they say Their not African. Well If your Not, What the Hell are you? Because White People dont claim you, The Native Americans dont, and Clearly your Skin is as Dark as Mine, and your Ancestors are Africans. So therefore you are African. I mean Know your HISTORY and learn it well before opening up your mouth to make stupid, ignorant remarks, about My Culture, My Lifestyle, and My Heritage.

My-oh-My! I feel your rage, your anger, but more importantly your pain.  You bring up a very important and interesting topic that is the cause for a rift within the greater chocolate toned peoples of America. If you notice, we as a people identify ourselves in 3 different categories, Black, African-American, & African. I don’t know the perspective of the person who set you on your rant but I’m assuming they identify with the first category. And I’ll say again, I don’t know the mindset of the persons involved or the entire direction of the conversation but you have to see both sides of the argument rather than making emotional statements. Being more closely affiliated with the African culture you may not understand what the term “Black” even entails.  Anyone can just see color and assume that the label “African-American” is generally accepted.  However, this is far from the truth.  As with many other things, people identify themselves with what they know and what’s been instilled in them. That, for whatever reason, does not have to include the far removed connection with the “Mother Land.”  Black, for some people, is a distinction, there’s (Black)power, (Black)history, (Black)love, etc. Black is something that was negative and over time through blood, sweat, & tears is something beautiful. There’s pride in it.  African-American is like a politically correct term.

It’s like 2 very extremely distant cousins who know they’re related but not sure exactly how getting together in a room and being expected to act like they grew up together.  How does one even go about such a feat? Time of course. Time to unravel the stories and pieces of the puzzle back together. But who has that amount of time? The cousins have their own lives and interests and getting to know each other on a deep level might not serve a real purpose for them.

Now think about if the cousins discovered a very unappealing fact about one another making the whole bonding ordeal even more cumbersome.  To the point where you wish they weren’t even your very extremely distant cousin. “Blacks” & “Africans” play these roles simultaneously making the divide even greater. Blacks can’t identify with a forgotten culture and Africans don’t understand Blacks because they have no relationship with their culture.  It’s all quite counterproductive.

Of course this is not grounds to spout unintelligent remarks and ultimately deny our origin in Africa. But if you follow the Muslim, Jewish, or Christian faith this is true regardless of racial characterizations. I’m not sure if I helped to shed light on what that person was alluding to but don’t take too much offense to it.  It’s just an opinion and some happen to have stronger feelings on it than others. The best thing you can do for them is to kindly and respectfully introduce them to what your definition of Black, African-American, or African means.  Educate instead of hate.


(Source: africanprodigy)

Have You Ever Noticed?

That the world can truly only deal with one major event a year? Maybe its because of where I live and the media coverage but truth be told, a lot happens in the course of one year. Natural disasters, political strife & unrest, economic collapses etc etc.  Here’s a list:

2011: Egypt civil unrest will trump Libya’s just because it came before.

2010: Haiti, Jan. 12th. There were 9 other major natural disasters including an earthquake in Chile on Feb. 27th. It didn’t get near enough media attention as Haiti.

2009: The political disturbances in the middle east trumps the fact that  H1N1 has been labeled as a world wide epidemic citing Mexico as the epicenter.

2008: The US led world recession overshadowed the Burma/Myanmar cyclone that killed thousands.

The list goes on.  It’s like our brain can only process one terrible thing at a time and just shuts off for all the rest.  Kinda like self defense mechanism. We’ve gotta have tough skin in this life.